A USB flashdrive plunged in, code auto run instead of nemo

Just after I installed the visual studio code, when I plunge the flashdrive in, the code would auto run instead nemo, the default file manager.

Hello TomZ,

I think you can change the default behavior of when a new device is plugged in on the settings, though I don’t know if that also works with USB

It occurs not only when plugged in a usb, it occurs when launch the explorer app (nemo), example I had installed Android Studio, when u compile the app the IDE shows a link to the app build path, before to install code (or azure data studio or atom) it launchs the nemo, after install some app like code, or azure data studio then nemo is no more launched in that place launchs the code app

I’m having the same issue. Kind of an annoying bug. I don’t see USB as a choice in Settings->Details->Removable Media. Has anybody found a fix yet for this?