Any way to get glossy dock launcher backgrounds in yaru?

I like the default yaru theme in many ways but dislike how flat the sidebar is compared to the oldschool ambiance glossy launchers. Is there any way I can “port” the backgrounds myself from the ambiance/radiance themes over to the yaru themes to get those nice glossy backgrounds on the launchers? Thanks.

Screenshot from 2023-09-21 04-04-38

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On the desktop, right-click, select ‘Open as root,’ then navigate to the filesystem, open the ‘usr’ folder, then the ‘share’ folder, and access the ‘themes’ directory. Next, open the ‘ambiance’ folder, followed by ‘unity.’ Copy everything and paste it into the ‘unity’ folder of ‘yaru-dark,’ for example. Delete all contents within the ‘unity’ folder of ‘yaru’ and paste the files from the ‘unity’ folder of ‘ambiance.’
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