Can't get Unity for Arch

hey, ive heard unity is finally on arch and ive been trying to install it for a bit but i cant get it to work at all. when i use the official instructions, it goes well until i have to start lightdm, where it just has a black screen with a blinking cursor in the tty. i think it has something to do with xorg settings, but i am nowhere near the level to be able to dig in xorg settings.
other instructions ive seen are to get a unity installer from the AUR (unity-installer-arch) but that package does not exist, closest thing i can find is unityx but its a development version and not really usable.
please help me with this, id really like to have a good desktop experience in a good distro :slight_smile:

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Hey, I just want to say: I totally agree with what you’re trying to accomplish. I’d love to see other distros supporting Unity desktop; its still my favorite. Currently, I use this:

About unity-installer-arch … you need to clone with git by git clone for now and install with makepkg -si, but by the way, this installation way still can’t work for now because python2 and some dependencies cannot be installed.

I followed the instructions on this video and it works.