Can't open files from the Dash

I have used Unity ever since it became the default desktop in Ubuntu, so I am very used to the interface. Since Ubuntu dropped Unity, and until a few days ago, I have been using standard Ubuntu and then adding the Unity desktop to it.

Now I have discovered Ubuntu Unity, and have installed version 22.04.1. Everything is fine except that I can’t open files from the Dash. If I select a file in the Dash and double click, it simply does not open. If I do a single click, I get the usual choice of “Email”, “Show in Folder” and “Open”, but clicking on Open doesn’t do anything. This applies to most, probably all types of file, e.g. .ods, .pdf, .txt etc.

I can open the files in the normal way from Nemo or Nautilus.

How can I get files to open from the Dash?


After 3 days, I have found a solution to my problem.

sudo apt remove wslu

I had to look up what wslu is, and I have no idea why it was installed with Ubuntu Unity. But removing has solved the problem.