Cocktail UI for Plasma


This is the Cocktail UI for KDE Plasma. It is a heavily modified KDE Plasma interface that I use sometimes to go and focus on my work. Cocktail is meant specifically so you can focus on your work. Cocktail is quite minimal and only has one dock which only has a shortcut to a launcher, a “Show Desktop” button, and a notifications viewer. Anything else that would typically be in a desktop panel can be controlled with the keyboard. Unlike other application interfaces, Cocktail doesn’t use workspaces or allows for minimizing windows. Instead, to see all of your windows, you just need to unmaximize the current window(s).

Cocktail tries to reduce the amount of input the user needs (even if it’s just moving the mouse cursor by a bit) by having everything quite close. The application launcher opens up when starting a Cocktail session by default to reduce the amount of user input needed to do certain tasks, for example. However, this can always be overridden. Also, the only 2 shortcuts a user would need to know to efficiently manage Cocktail would be the regular alt+tab shortcut to switch windows (intelligently, based on how frequently you used the application), and meta+space (to show the desktop quickly). Anything else that the user would need (e.g. a clock or a window list) can be added as a widget.

P.S. I replaced my full name in one of my pictures with an emoji because I don’t really want to reveal my name.