Discord server?


A Ubuntu Unity Discord server is mentioned here and here, but where can I find an invite link to it ?


Also interested thanks to Phoronix. Thank you

+1 would like to use that as well (-:

I think you just search for it in Discord. I don’t know if that’s how it works; I am sorry if this does not help, as I do not use Discord. But many Discord servers work that way, so you could try it.

Actually, being able to be found using Discord’s in-app search is a privilege that only big servers get.

Therefore, finding a server most of the time relies on normal search engines, forums and specialized websites like Disboard.

So, is there a discord server? Did anyone found that out “yet”? I start thinking a working way to get information about unity could be asking the devs on Twitter…


This invitation is no longer valid, could you renew it ? Thanks !

Found one, by chance : Ubuntu Unity

Source : rs2009 - Ubuntu Wiki

At the bottom of the new website you’ll find all links: https://unityd.org/

Yeah, I joined those communities, which unfortunately are all dead :confused:

They are not dead, Telegram, Discord and Matrix are linked/bridged with each other and besides that, people aren’t 24/7 at their computer. Private life and stuff you know…

It’s always up to the community to keep it alive and going and provide support.