Feature Requests and Lifechanging Tweaks

Hello, after some testing, I have some things to say in how Unity can be improved and some tweaks that fellow Ubuntu Unity users can find handy.
All of these things should be easy to implement, as they exist as third party tools that only need to be included/updated/tested in Unity in a way the developers see fit.

  1. Include CompizConfig out of the box:
    Pretty straight forward, some features of the window manager can only be modified from here (for example custom tiling of windows) and it makes sense for it to be available out of the box.

  2. Consistent look of GTK and QT apps using qt5ct
    From my testing, it’s possible to make QT apps follow the system theme using qt5ct either with kvantum or the gtk2 style. This should be helpful to include other QT apps (clementine/strawberry?) and keep consistency with things like VLC.

  3. Touchad Settings
    It’s impossible to change touchad settings in Unity without installing a third party application (touchpad-indicator). Can this app be included out of the box, or somehow added to the Unity settings?
    A big selling point of Unity is the amount of screen real state that’s saved and it can change a laptop/netbook user’s life.
    GitHub - atareao/Touchpad-Indicator: An indicator for the touchpad

  4. Improve or Rebuild Notifications
    The current notifications in Unity are very useless. I suggest they are rebuilt or that some improvements are made on them.
    I found these two tools that fix the issue, can these be (if they work) included in Unity or be made available out of the box?
    Never Miss a Desktop Notification Again With This Indicator - OMG! Ubuntu!
    Customize NotifyOSD Notification Bubbles In Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog

Extra) Fix missing features from Unity Dash
This is very obvious, and im sure they are a work in progress.
But the video, music and photos sections are missing.
I see a fix in either removing them completely or somehow using the settings from the files and folders section with a filter to only display selected types of files

That’s it. Thanks a lot for keeping this wonderful desktop alive, hope this helps.