Gestures and Firewall Configuration

Hello. I’m testing the project and I think it is shaping up very nicely. I have a suggestion, however.

Touchpad gestures are becoming very ubiquitous in some way or another on Linux, and after looking at elementaryOS’ implementation of gestures under X11 with Touchegg, I think it would be a very welcome addition and help further modernize the Unity experience.
Touchegg would need to be compiled and added to the Ubuntu Unity PPA, but after that, it is only a matter of setting up a configuration file close to the current GNOME gestures.

Another addition that would be a good Quality of Life feature is shipping gufw by default. Since Unity needs X11 to work properly, it wouldn’t have the barriers of modern distros. Moreover, it already integrates nicely with the current settings app.

I’m curious as to what others think of this.