How to keep the global menu from fading away

Hi, I wanna know how can I keep the global menu visible at all times, also is there anyway to have a global menu for firefox? there’s a aur package firefox-menu, which allows you to have a global but that’s Arch based distros.

Hi, nvm I found the option, it did took a little bit digging around but I found it. So you go to System Settings > Appearance > Behavior & there is setting for that.
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al-though I still haven’t found a way to get firefox to work with global menu.

The global menu with Firefox isn’t supported anymore by the browser itself. Rudra is working on a fix afaik but there’s no ETA when it will be implemented.

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well I found a kinda of a fix for that if you can mention him we can implement it in the next update. on aur there’s a package named firefox-appmenu-bin this one is a bit outdated but the latest package firefox-appmenu you have to compile it with makepkg command but since this is not avaliable on ubuntu I took the bin package extracted the usr files in the usr/ dir and firefox was working perfectly yes it was 1 or 2 versions behind I think it was 99.1 something.

The global menu works perfectly without any issues. but I hoped back to arch because wine wasn’t working but now I am regretting it as Gnome 42 none of my fav extension work on it & I haven’t found a way to downgrade without breaking everything. I tried downgrade but got a white screen telling me something was wrong lol. Can someone help install wine I am planning to get back to ubuntu unity :pleading_face:

There’s one more thing I wanna know can I use something like Plank and remove the current side panel?

I don’t think you can remove the side panel, it is after all integrated in Unity and a Unity thing. It makes Unity what Unity is after all.
Why not go with Elementary OS instead? It’s not Unity but you’ll get Pantheon desktop with Plank out of the box.

no I came to Ubuntu Unity for the global menu tbh, and elementary doesn’t have that. leave the plank what about wine? why doesn’t that work.

I don’t know. I never used or needed Wine myself so i can’t help with that, maybe someone else knows.

well, I did manage to get both lol, So for the unity launcher I went to Appearance > behavior and turned auto hide on and set the reveal sensitivity to the lowest and keeps it hidden. As for the plank it worked fine out of the box.
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Hi, I build my Firefox from source package with Unity-menubar.patch from FF version 18.04 or 16.04, since the global menu is still supported by Mozilla.

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how can I do that?
Can you teach me?

you can download my firefox with Global.menubar from my repo or learn how to build a debian package, then extract from the 18.04-debian-source.tar.xz the unity-menubar.patch and pack it into your new 22.04- debian.tar.xz build your firefox and install

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link please, of your repo.

Keep in mind that everything you do from outside the official repos etc. is at your own risk and we can’t provide any support for it, even if things go wrong.

Only at your own risk. I don’t get any errors because I take the original files from the Mozilla team. my repo is private and cannot give any guarantees. I patch the global menu and the logo. You can test and all source files are available to you. You can have a look at