How to setup nautilus as default file browser?


I know Ubuntu Unity is using Nemo as the default file browser. But Nemo freezes constantly and has no network file sharing feature.

And I decided to switch to nautilus. But after I installed Nautilus, Nemo is still the default file browser. Is there a way to change the default file browser?

And nautilus has double titlebar. How can I hide additional titlebar?
Screenshot from 2022-05-19 19-31-54

Which version of Ubuntu Unity are you using? Because the double header bar issue should have been solved.

Hi @hurelhuyag ,

You can set the default file manager from settings. You can also go to the terminal and use the update-alternatives command with sudo to set it as the default XDG (cross-desktop group) file manager. Also, Ubuntu Unity 22.04 LTS Jammy Jellyfish fixes the double titlebar issue, I would recommend you to update your system, as not only does it fix the double titlebar bug, but it’s also an LTS release (unless if you have a specific reason not to do so).


Inplace Updating/Upgrading to another version does not work on Ubuntu Unity as of yet. A clean install is recommended. However, has long as we do not know which version he uses it pointless to comment anyway. Wait until the info asked for is provided and then we can move on to give further support.

Thank you.
I’m already using 22.04. Used do-release-upgrade -d. Is there an additional command to upgrade unity?

It is known that users can’t upgrade from one version to a new release in any way, it will/can break your system, so do-release-upgrade -d is not recommended. The only way to get a new version of Ubuntu Unity is by downloading the iso and perform a clean install.

Maybe that will change in the future once Ubuntu Unity becomes a official Ubuntu flavour.

IMHO nemo is a faaaar superior file manager, but you change your default file manager this way:

apt install nautilus
xdg-mime default nautilus.desktop inode/directory

Highly recommend trying the latest Ubuntu Unity first- Lots of improvements.

I’ve also installed Nautilus (and nautilus-share) to get the network sharing feature.

Is there a way to install nemo-share instead?