Install fails - checking media

I installed this on my secondary computer. I like it so much that I’m trying to install it on a newer, bigger machine. But after installing, it fails to boot. I says “media check [Fail]” and hangs.
The only computer the iso will install on is a 10 year old Dell Inspiron with legacy bios. Please re-release your install iso’s for modern UEFI machines.

I have installed on two UEFI PC’s. One is dual boot with Win 11 Pro Insider build and the other is with Win 10 Pro. Believe this topic has been covered on the installation and upgrade section of ubuntuforums.

My primary laptop is an old ThinkPad, but recent enough to use UEFI. UEFI configs usually have the option to boot in legacy mode, which is what I am using on mine, and I’ve installed Ubuntu Unity without any issues. You could try with that.