Install instructions?

I can’t tell how to install this and can’t find instructions. I’ve done the download and burned the iso disk. the disk boots and leaves me with entering commands i don’t know about.

BusyBox v1.30.1 (Ubuntu 1:1.30.1-4ubuntu6.4) built-in shell (ash)
Enter ‘help’ for a list of built-in commands.

(initrams) _

What do i do at this point? ‘help’ does not help.

Which version of Ubuntu Unity did you download, 20.04.4 or 21.10 and did you verify the iso’s checksum?

20.04 and no, i didn’t check. Is it supposed to be text command or should there be a GUI installer, like the other ubuntu does?

We had someone with the same issue on Telegram. The iso you have seems to work with UEFI machines only. Your system is probably BIOS. I asked Rudra to have a look at it and provide a iso for BIOS systems.

If you want you can download the 20.04.3 BIOS ISO and see if that one works: Index of /distros/ubuntu-unity/20.04.3/bios

I’ve found this thread while searching for my issues.
I wanted Ubuntu Unity installed in BIOS mode but kept getting the terminal with OP’s output.
not even the shutdown command was being recognized.

Following @Maik 's link I’ve downloaded the 20.04.03 from /bios/ folder.
Alas, the results were the same.

Fufus 3.17 was my usb burner of choice thus far and I decided to play with a few settings.
What worked for me was I left all the settings default (MBR/volumename/etc) but in prompt where it asked about MultiISO format, I selected the 2nd option (DD - not the recommended one) which upon completing the writing process did not provide me with a USB drive with FAT32 system (in contrast to rufus’ recommended choice), but something invisible to Windows.

This seems to have made the trick as the USB successfully launched Ubuntu in Legacy Mode and currently installing the system on the main drive.