Installation over existing Ubuntu GNOME installation

I was running Ubuntu GNOME for a few months missing good old Unity. I’ve installed it as ubuntu-unity-desktop package but facing bugs (like double the windows button above each other), strange top bar icons when switched to Yaru Icon, etc. Is it possible to install Ubuntu Unity as package over Ubuntu GNOME as it was clean installation of it? Thank you!

Installing Unity on top of Ubuntu Gnome is not the same as running Ubuntu Unity and thus not recommended. Ubuntu Unity is not available as package to install over Gnome either.

We recommend to download one of the official Ubuntu Unity ISO’s, either 20.04 LTS or 21.10 and perform a clean install.

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Thank you for your answer. Will there be Ubuntu Unity 22.04 soon? :wink:

Ubuntu Unity 22.04 LTS is scheduled for release at the 21st of April just like the main Ubuntu release if all goes well.

Ubuntu Unity uses its own PPA that has Ubuntu Unity-specific components (such as the Yaru theme). Although you could theoretically install Ubuntu Unity on any Ubuntu distribution by installing the Ubuntu Unity applications and adding the Ubuntu Unity PPA, I wouldn’t really recommend it, as it’s quite a lot of work, and I don’t really know if it’s supported. However, I might make a post for the Ubuntu Unity PPA in these forums so others can install the full Ubuntu Unity desktop on their distributions, especially with other Ubuntu-based distributions (such as Zorin OS, Pop!_OS, elementary OS, etc), and maybe even Arch-based distributions and/or Debian-based distributions with the MPR.