Insufficient technical support for Unity

Using Unity should not require IT qualifications, nor should it be a research & development project. The developers of Unity should know the answers and/or best approaches needed to solve the problems posted. However, the developers of Unity are silent. Why?

Agreed. The forums aren’t too busy and I don’t think it would be too onerous for the Devs to answer some of the basic support questions.

If it doesn’t improve I’m afraid that Ubuntu Unity might be DOA.

Every (smaller) linux project/distro consists of volunteers from the community. You think at main Ubuntu the developers are on IRC or the Forums to provide support?

It’s up to the members of the community to step up and provide that. The developer of Ubuntu Unity has his hands full and doesn’t have enough time to jump in to answer questions to issues. Besides that there’s also a life beyond that, work, school etc… Things to keep in mind before starting a complaint.

Also most of the action takes place on Telegram. But we also have a Discord and Matrix channel which are bridged to the Telegram group.

Jump in and help out where you can, contribute. That way things will improve.
On a final note… We don’t get payed to give support. :wink:

Hello Malik. Thank you for your reply and your efforts. I am involved in similar volunteer efforts, but not in the IT area. Indeed, I have had only one formal course in computing, and that was almost 50 years ago. The problem with 22.10 is the differences in performance among similar PC’s, particularly with audio out. There are several suggestions on ubuntuforums and askubuntu. None seem to work, let alone give a unified explanation (bulleted list) of what each command-line does and what commands affecting alsa, pipewire, and pulse do. Also, why does changing the volume slider on Sound irreversibly kills the audio stream. John

I guess you have to ask that upstream at Ubuntu’s end since they decided to use pipewire as default to handle audio from 22.10 onward.
This has nothing to do with Ubuntu Unity specifically.


completely understood, thanks for your explanation. Allow me, there are two things which may be considered :slight_smile:

  1. How can one effectively contribute unity specific bugs?
    This seems important to me, since opensource is partitally living from contribution, right?

  2. There are unity specific topics, e.g. best way to install (upgrade or fresh install) etc. which would be valuable to have information on.

For the third point, i’d really recommend to point to a possible unity sub forum on an official ubuntu forum, since the official ubuntu forums do provide a lot of help regarding 90% of the questions asked here, which remain unanswered.

So my recommendation would be:

  • For bugs, let’s make something like a launchpad/bugtracker/github or so available
  • For unity specific questions, let’s use eg this forum, with then less posts and better chances to get noticed by the “devs” / experienced users
  • For general questions, point to the official forums, since they have a lot more traffic there.

Best, me (-:

The project uses Gitlab to file bugs for 22.04 LTS: Ubuntu Unity · GitLab
Issues · Ubuntu Unity / ubuntu-unity-issue-tracker · GitLab

Issues with 22.10 and newer releases should be reported on Launchpad.

The project uses Gitlab…
Issues with 22.10 and newer releases should be reported on Launchpad.

Thank you, @Maik, for the links. Although, i’m not sure if the gitlab could be considered as alive, you mentioned the Launchpad for >= 22.10. May i ask you for a link to that as well? I just found this: Unity in Launchpad

Have a great Xmas time, me (-: