Is 22.04 LTS and 23.04 both isos broken or just me?

I’ve tested both .isos now on:
-Laptop with Ryzen 5k series (kvm)
-Laptop with intel 8th gen (kvm, gnome boxes & live mode)
The symptoms are all the same: crash report every five seconds, during shutdown process cd/dvd can’t be unmounted and after final package upgrades system menu doesn’t open, but logs out every time.

Are these errors known or have I done something wrong? I downloaded the iso every time and I’ve used Linux 2 decades.

I hope this projects grows and gets fame! Thanks for everyone who attends into it!

I am running 23.04 on three machines, Dell Precision 7720 Mobile Workstation, Lenovo Think Centre M80, and hp 840 G1 laptop. No problems. First two are dual-boot with Windows 11 Insider Build, and the last one is dual-boot with Win 10 Pro 64. All had run well with previous versions of Ubuntu.

Can you run 23.04 with Unity from Live USB?


you did not mention what application component or process exactly crashes?

Both of 23.* and 22.* ISOs worked well on my Acer Aspire 2019 laptop.