Is 'auto-raise' bugged? or am I doing it wrong?

This is not my lang, it might be weird to read. I am comfused about the auto-raise new windows option in Tweaks, supposedly, I want new pop up windows to just pop, xD, with no delay.

Example, like, when I right-click on an image (in web browser) to select ‘save image’, and a window pops to prompt me for a name/location, it works only the first time, the second time and so on, it doest not pop to the front anymore, instead I see the browser launcher icon wiggleling, waiting for me to click, or, the window does pop, but it gets ‘stuck’ behind the browser, so I have to alt-tab or alt-| to ‘fetch’ it. I hope I am making any sense. I have a screenshot with my setting,

Screenshot from 2022-10-30 22-40-55

So, windows that need focus, are supposed to popup to the front with zed delay and no need to click to it, Right? or Nope?

Thank you.