Is 'auto-raise' bugged? or am I doing it wrong?

This is not my lang, it might be weird to read. I am comfused about the auto-raise new windows option in Tweaks, supposedly, I want new pop up windows to just pop, xD, with no delay.

Example, like, when I right-click on an image (in web browser) to select ‘save image’, and a window pops to prompt me for a name/location, it works only the first time, the second time and so on, it doest not pop to the front anymore, instead I see the browser launcher icon wiggleling, waiting for me to click, or, the window does pop, but it gets ‘stuck’ behind the browser, so I have to alt-tab or alt-| to ‘fetch’ it. I hope I am making any sense. I have a screenshot with my setting,

Screenshot from 2022-10-30 22-40-55

So, windows that need focus, are supposed to popup to the front with zed delay and no need to click to it, Right? or Nope?

Thank you.

You are doing NOTHING wrong, it is just this darn OS is buggy like hell, devs don’t give an F as you see nobody bothered to reply to you since Oct '22…
almost a year later and this crap exist, I just got the latest live ISO from them and yeah, the file save/open dialogue on eg firefox/chrome opens behind them.