Is there a plan for ubuntu unity to adapt the arm64

I have a macbook pro M1, I am really a fan of unity, so I want to ask is there a plan for ubuntu unity to adapt the arm64, then I can install it with parallels on macos M1. tks.

I guess once Ubuntu starts supporting Apple’s M1 chip, the other flavors might follow. But the downside is there’s M1, now Apple starts with M2 then M3 and so on. So linux has to adapt every time i guess…

Why not get a cheaper windows laptop, wipe that and install Ubuntu Unity on it?

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There is a way, a pretty hot linux on bare metal way, to be more precise (-:

  • You could dive into Marcans Asahi Linux, which runs on bare metal M1 hardware from apple.
  • And on the arch linux install of Asahi, install the unity-arch option

I admit this is a bit of a fun tech session, then using an ISO on x86, but hey, winter holidays is knocking on the door…

best, me (-:

I have installed ubuntu server 22.10 arm64 in parallels,then I install ubuntu-unity-desktop.
But now I have a problem: there is not menu bar of the Files app

Yep, as you’re using Nautilus. You’ll want to try Nemo instead, which is being shipped in Ubuntu Unity by default

You are great! It is OK !