Memory leak: unity-panel-service

Hi there,
I am happy user of Ubuntu Unity, however there is huge memory leak in unity-panel-service.
I have 64GB of RAM, and it happily eats half of it (32GB), in matter of several weeks(I only suspend).

I have to restart the service(killall unity-panel-service; ./unity-panel-service) in order to reclaim that RAM.
Now I am a software developer and do know C, and I am willing to try find this leak, but I need to know how you get those unity packages. Where do you get the source from, etc.

Thank you for all your effort.

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Hi @Drago,

Here is where we host our source code for Unity and components of the Ubuntu Unity distribution. I recommend you talk to Rudra about this, as he is the lead developer for Unity and Ubuntu Unity, I mostly work on the Ubuntu Unity website. Thanks for letting us know, as every bit of feedback helps!

Hi Alfredo,
Thank you for your reply.
I will talk to Rudra as well, if he shows up here.

I am Ubuntu Unity 21.04 user, I hope that is not a stopper to build current Unity7 in your repo.

Best wishes,

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I hope that’s a typo and you meant 22.04 because 21.04 isn’t supported anymore.

Nope, not a typo. If I don’t have a problem with the OS, and get my work done, I don’t usually upgrade to the latest and greatest. Moreover Unity7 itself is unsupported and is stuck in 16.04 days, and its code is hardly touched. So basically I think I have the same Unity7 as 22.04.

Unity development was restarted, Unity 7.6 (a major release for Unity7) was released just days ago. You could go ahead and check if the memory leak is still there.

Wow, just wow.
I hope I will find time helping you guys.
Looking at the change summary I doubt it is fixed, but any confirmation by other user will help.
This leak manifests to me, because I rarely restart my computer.
Just suspend to RAM, so leak accumulates during the months.

As i said 21.04 is End Of Life and not supported anymore as in it doesn’t receive and updates security wise and app updates. If you want further support we advise you to perform a clean install of a version that is still supported, either 20.04 LTS or 22.04 LTS. The latter will get the Unity 7.6 update.

If you continue to use a unsupported, EOL version your system is vulnerable and you’re on your own.