Memory leak: unity-panel-service

Hi there,
I am happy user of Ubuntu Unity, however there is huge memory leak in unity-panel-service.
I have 64GB of RAM, and it happily eats half of it (32GB), in matter of several weeks(I only suspend).

I have to restart the service(killall unity-panel-service; ./unity-panel-service) in order to reclaim that RAM.
Now I am a software developer and do know C, and I am willing to try find this leak, but I need to know how you get those unity packages. Where do you get the source from, etc.

Thank you for all your effort.

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Hi @Drago,

Here is where we host our source code for Unity and components of the Ubuntu Unity distribution. I recommend you talk to Rudra about this, as he is the lead developer for Unity and Ubuntu Unity, I mostly work on the Ubuntu Unity website. Thanks for letting us know, as every bit of feedback helps!

Hi Alfredo,
Thank you for your reply.
I will talk to Rudra as well, if he shows up here.

I am Ubuntu Unity 21.04 user, I hope that is not a stopper to build current Unity7 in your repo.

Best wishes,

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I hope that’s a typo and you meant 22.04 because 21.04 isn’t supported anymore.

Nope, not a typo. If I don’t have a problem with the OS, and get my work done, I don’t usually upgrade to the latest and greatest. Moreover Unity7 itself is unsupported and is stuck in 16.04 days, and its code is hardly touched. So basically I think I have the same Unity7 as 22.04.