Mir as primary display server on UnityX?

Unity (back when it was used as Ubuntu’s default desktop) was originally supposed to be used with the Mir display server, however, it eventually wasn’t used, as it was ditched together with Unity 8. UnityX is supposed to be Unity’s successor, and I personally think that Mir could be used in conjunction with X11 or Wayland.

MATE has been used with Mir in conjunction with Wayland (see here), and practically almost any application that uses either X11 or Wayland would be compatible with Mir as it supports both X11 and Wayland, which are the primary two display servers.

Porting wouldn’t take long, considering the fact that Mir could run under the panels, dock, etc (if you get what I mean), and code from the existing Unity 8 project maintained by UBPorts could be taken and adapted for UnityX.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sure, I’m actually interested in testing Mir and Wayfire with UnityX’s codebase.

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