New default browser for Unity?

Hi everybody! While Firefox works fine in most ubuntu flavors nowadays, it unfortunately doesn’t work well with unity due to the lack of global menu support. I was wondering if ubuntu unity should ship with another privacy respecting and open source browser. Something like Brave could serve us well: it works like a charm with compiz and unity, it’s fast and supports global menus out of the box. It also integrates fairly well, with optional GTK theming support. What do you guys think about it? Question for @ruds : now that we’re an official ubuntu flavor, how do we deal with software that isn’t (yet) in ubuntu repositories (like brave?). Are we forced to use snap instead? (For the record, the snapped version of the browser doesn’t support global menus).

Like with Ubuntu you either have to use snap or deb packages or add PPA’s from outside the official Ubuntu repos. There’s no other way. Adding deb packkages or PPA’s from outside the official ubuntu repos is at own risk and users have to seek support at the maintainers of the deb packages and PPA’s.

Since Ubuntu Unity has become a official Ubuntu flavor we have to stick with Firefox as default.

Excuse me, this is not my language, what do you mean with ‘global menus’?

I am using firefox esr, from
add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/ppa

and I installed Brave from curl

They work fine.

Global menu is what is shown in the top panel of Unity:

Ok, so, global menus are funtional for Firefox and Brave, as snaps and flatpak,
I have tried them all xD, before I settled for using the repos.

Maybe a bad install?, it happens sometimes.

thanks Maik.

Not a bad install, Firefox doesn’t support the global menu anymore by default on Unity. Mozilla stopped supporting it since Canonical dropped development of the Unity desktop environment after the 17.04 ubuntu release.