NumLock function Dell 7720 not working 22.04

PC is dual-boot Win 11 Pro Insider and Ubuntu Unity 22.04. NumLock works on Win 11. Does not work on Unity. Entire keypad under Unity does not work

I’m not sure if this will help or not, but you could try to change the keyboard using the instructions listed here:

I have a Dell desktop, and I changed over to Dell 101 keyboard after having a little problem with volume keys. No problems, now. Maybe this will help the Numlock key for you? HTH

Thank you, but there is no provision in the Unity desktop for changing the keyboard. I found a post on another Ubuntu related forum, and it reported the same problem for 18.04. Can those in charge of the Unity desktop fix this problem or suggest a work-aroud.


This problem has been solved. Under Universal Access, Mouse Keys needs to be turned off.