Open/Save Dialog Weirdness in Ubuntu Unity

I don’t know if anyone else uses Brave, but I get the following when I use it in Ubuntu Unity:
When either launching the Open or Save dialog in Brave, the dialog is brought up behind the main window. I’ve never seen this happen in Gnome, KDE, Xfce, Cinnamon, etc. Just wondering if it’s a weird little Nemo integration thing in Unity. I can get to the Open/Save dialog, but it would be nice if it would pop up in front.

Just wanted to +1 this, as in mentioning that my install (22.04.1) shows the same behavior with the chrome browser. workaround is to quickly double tab “alt+tab” to bring it up to the front, but i’d consider it as a bug though.

Strange… I have Brave running and rushed to check if it’s so, but no, all dialogs are in front. I have Ubuntu Unity 22.04.

I use Brave as my daily browser but I’ve never seen this behavior either. How did you install Brave? I have mine as a flatpak rather than the Snap Ubuntu might suggest to you. You can also go directly to Brave’s website and follow those instructions instead. I usually have the least amount of issues with Brave when I install it using their method.