Some windows of newly installed apps are not showing

I am so happy I did find out about this flavour!

Fresh install of 22.04.1

My problem is that some windows of newly installed apps are not showing.

I did install vivaldi browser (from ppa) - when I run it, no window appears.
ps ax - is showing lot of vivaldi processes, and I can’t see any error on terminal when starting it from the command line

Exactly same behaviour with google chrome
Exactly same behaviour with brave browser

Other apps which I did install - for example vscode editor just work fine.

Any clue?
Thank you!

Flatpaks need a session restart, snaps take a loooong time to boot the first time, but this is for all Ubuntu based distros, not just Unity.

Do you mean Brave as a snap or as a flatpak?, they are both available, same for Chromium.

Indeed - thank you!

As I’ve mentioned it was a fresh install - so fresh that it wasn’t even restarted at all.
After a restart everything works as expected.

Thank you!