Sudden loss of keyboard Ubuntu Unity 22.04 DELL Precisikon 7720 laptop

Lost keyboard function earlier today. DELL Precision 7720 laptop. Keyboard works with Win 11, and from command line in recovery mode. On reboot, keyboard will work until password is typed in a RETURN is touched. On scree keyboard will not work. Known good USB keyboard behaves as keyboard on laptop. Have downloaded and installed latest nVidia driver for laptop. Mouse works correctly. Boot from USB with Gparted shows no errors on partitions. Also, keyboard works with Gparted when booted from USB

Fortunately, laptop is dual boot with Win 11 and all data files are in exFAT partitions. I have posted this on Ubuntu Forums. I much prefer working in Ubuntu Unity, but I have Win equivalents of everything I have on Ubuntu side.

Please note that Ubuntu installed a number of upgraded files earlier today (15 OCT 2022).

What is the fix for this problem?

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Hi, i could just share this with you, it may be worth a try:

you could add the following to the boot parameters:


It helped me, coming from a lenovo yoga. You can simply add this parameter to your grub parameters to try it.

best, me (-:

Thank you. The problem was “slow keys” under Universal Access had been gotten turned on.