Switching to unity

so im currently running normal jammy jelly fish and am thinking about switching to unity 23.04 due to display and driver issues and im wondering if ill lose my data? i have alot of stuff installed and alot of movies/tv shows i really dont want to lose
so does it keep it or wipe it?
will i be able to switch like im updating to the next unbuntu lts?

First, before you do anything, backup your data. I use offsite backup services in addition to thumb drives and external SSD drives you can find at wd.com. The main thing with updating Ubuntu, it to get everything of value out of the Ubuntu partition and into separate partitions on your HD or SSD, and also back those up to external media. With that approach, you are covered in case the Ubuntu upgrade goes bad.


Hi Mackerel,

#1 Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish (22.04) is still the latest LTS release as of date
#2 Ubuntu Lunar Lobster (23.04) is just an interim release, not an LTS
See: https://releases.ubuntu.com/

You can simply install Unity Desktop in your current 22.04 (Jammy) installation, without risking loss of any data.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ubuntu-unity-desktop

and when prompted, you can choose lightdm as the desktop login manager (which is the default when installing Ubuntu Unity from live image). That way, you would get the same experience as a fresh install of Ubuntu Unity.

It’s that simple.

Good luck!

thanks for all the help fellas but i managed to fix it without switching