Testing 23.10 Mantic

Trying to test in Virtmanager qemu and in the “live” environment the screen can be made full size and the settings icon opens the settings. After the virtual machine is created and rebooted however any attempt to access settings gets immediately kicked out to the login screen.

Please report any bugs you encounter on Launchpad or the official Ubuntu QA page.

Same here on 23.04
When I passthrough a Nvidia GT1030 card this does not happen.

23.04 was the same for me too in virt-manager and It worked when installed on bare metal. I don’t have a separate graphics card to pass through.
The official Ubuntu 23.10 works in virt-manager on the same machine (though it has other issues)

I had a pretty similar experience with VirtualBox, till i enabled 3D rendering in the settings, and allocated more RAM to the virtual VGA. I think i added more CPU power as well.

Maybe that works for you.
best, me (-:

p.s.: 'd suggest to change the title in “Testing 23.10 Mantic in VM crashes” or so, since there may be a general testing thread coming up.

How do you edit the title?

thanks for asking, but don’t sweat it. seem to be no problem - if you can’t, basically a mod could change that, but this forum is pretty much unmoderated (-: