Thunderbird menu integration gone

The menus don’t show up in Thunderbird any more … which renders it a bit difficult to use.

Is this because the upstream dropped the Unity menu patches from it? It still works for me on 20.04.

Ah, I found the menu : it’s been converted to the silly GNOME burger menu. So you can at least use it …

Screenshot from 2022-04-27 12-32-51

(and also enable it permanently in the tab bar, which is what I may have done elsewhere…)

you can try the thunderbird-appmenu-bin, just download the thunderbird-appmenu-*.pkg.tar.zst from the source and extract the contents in to the specific folders, usually it’s /usr/ Remember you will have to uninstall the current app before you do this to avoid conflicts and also might have to add this package to ignore if you want the global menu to keep working. as the appmenu patch isn’t applied by default or you can find a way to compile this thunderbird-appmenu