Ubuntu Unity 20.10 VPN Problem!

in the ubuntu unity 20.04 and 22.04 i can import the vpn config like on proton but in 20.10 the import option is gone.

again, the need to use 20.10, while 22.04 doesn’t have that problem, appears a bit hard to understand. did you google/duckduckgo your problem?

Again, Ubuntu Unity 20.10 has reached it’s End Of Life long ago. Please use a supported version: 22.04 LTS, or one of the short supported/interim releases 23.04, 23.10.

I’m closing this thread because it’s pointless asking for and providing support for releases that are End Of Life (EOL).
Any further topics that are opened in which you ask for support with releases that are EOL, will be closed or removed instantly.

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