Ubuntu Unity 21.10

I had been using the daily images of UU 21.10 and then the beta, and they were good enough that I was very interested in trying the final release. I did a clean install and it’s been fantastic! I’ve had no problems at all, and it has been very stable and solid. I had figured I’d probably stay with Ubuntu Gnome - “regular” Ubuntu - and keep Unity as a fun alternative OS, but I like it so much more than Gnome that I’m very much leaning towards using it as my “daily driver.” (I’ve been an Ubuntu user for a long time and feel very loyal to it, so it’s difficult for me to move to another distro - but I realize that moving to Unity is, really, also very loyal. I’m very impressed with what the earlier Ubuntu developers did in creating Unity, and now with the work of the newer developers.)

It hasn’t crashed once, and it certainly feels faster than Ubuntu Gnome.

No complaints at all, but I do have a couple questions/comments. Is there a weather app available for Unity, something that could sit in the top panel similar to the Gnome Open Weather extension? Also, I’m using Yaru Dark and it’s great, but I also very much like Ambiance and would love a dark version of it; if, y’know, you ever find yourselves sitting around with nothing else to do. :smile:

This might work:

For any Unity-specific widgets, I recommend specifying “16.04” in your searches. As that was the last official LTS using the DE, it had a LOT of add-ons developed over the years. I imagine many will still work today.

Yeah, that’s one I was trying to install, but it no longer works. I added the repository, changed it to Xenial (16.04), but installation failed as it has a dependency on gir1.2-geocodeglib-1.0 which is no longer available, it seems, or at least it won’t install on Kinetic. Thanks, though.