Ubuntu Unity 23.04 - Compiz? Wayland? unity 7.7? UnityX? Participation? Give us the news (-:

So, what do we know about 23.04 and the actual state of unity development?

I read somewhere, that 23.04 comes without compiz and with wayland - the daily builts doesn’t confirm that

  1. What is with unityX? will it be available in 23.04? Will it be merged with 7.7?
  2. is there meanwhile a working way to contribute from the community by testing or/and participating in a github/gitlab?
  3. what software will be used in 23.04? I saw the mate calculator to avoid the nogtk decoration bug- anything else?

Best regards everyone, me (-:

Here’s an answer from the discord channel, to the same question:

Ubuntu Unity 23.04 won’t be including UnityX, since we plan to add a lot more features to it, and we have to do a bit of work to get apps appear in the dock in UnityX, and not make it act a separate window (UnityX does run in XWayland, but it’s somewhat broken atm). here’s the GitLab for UnityX: Ubuntu Unity / UnityX / UnityX · GitLab, where you could send in a PR or report issues