Ubuntu Unity PPA for any distribution, preferably Ubuntu-based?

I know there is already an Ubuntu Unity PPA, however, it is only specific to the Ubuntu Unity distribution. I know that Ubuntu Unity-specific components are likely going to be in the Ubuntu repositories (such as UnityX, Yaru Unity, etc), however, for now, can there be documentation to install the Ubuntu Unity desktop in Ubuntu and other distributions (preferably Ubuntu-based distributions such as Zorin OS, Pop!_OS, elementary OS, etc). I personally think that this would also be something that would actually make Unity available in other distributions, as Unity is currently available only in Ubuntu, and availability to other distribution would definitely boost the usage of Unity and Ubuntu Unity.

IMHO Unity should be distribution-agnostic.

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Honestly I agree.
I remember that Manjaro used to have a community Unity edition for quite a while, however, I specifically mentioned Ubuntu-based distributions because Ubuntu Unity is basically just Ubuntu with Unity (so basically pre-17.10 “Artful Aardvark” Ubuntu), and Ubuntu-based distributions would work with little to no problems with Unity, theoretically.