Update Ubuntu Unity 20.04.5 to 20.04.6

Heres the link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases can you update ubuntu unity to the latest 20.04.6 LTS? because it has a lot of changes and fix bugs

Ubuntu Unity 20.04 LTS has reached it’s End Of Life cycle since end of April, thus it’s not supported anymore. LTS Ubuntu Flavors and Remixes are only supported for 3 years, Only main Ubuntu LTS has a 5 year lifespan.

Besides that, the Ubuntu Unity 20.04 LTS release was not a official Ubuntu Flavor at that time. We’re a official Ubuntu Flavor since 22.10.

what? but i research it. the ubuntu unity 20.04.5 is not end of life YET. its supported until 2030. and the ubuntu unity just replace the gnome desktop and still use the official lts. i wish i can join into ubuntu unity developer so i can update it to the ubuntu 20.04.6. Releases - Ubuntu Wiki

No you’re wrong, only main Ubuntu LTS is supported for 5 years and after that it gets the EMS added to support it longer.

Ubuntu Unity LTS is only supported for 3 years, just like kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Mate and all the other flavors that use the Ubuntu LTS release as a base. Again, besides all of that, Ubuntu Unity 20.04 LTS was NOT a official Ubuntu flavor release.
That being said there won’t be another 20.04 release of Ubuntu Unity and we do not provide any further support of 20.04 LTS.

I’ve been using Ubuntu since 2007 am a official Ubuntu Member and a team member of the Ubuntu Unity project. I know the ins and outs….

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okay. thanks for info sir.