Where did Gamebuntu's snap package go?

Hello and thanks for all the marvelous work on Gamebuntu! My fave project to look forward on in a long time. I know it was there on Snap Store some time earlier before. Is it in fine tuning or something and therefore taken offline for time being?


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Hi, thanks for joining this forum. It was present in the Snap Store, but couldn’t install or open any apps (and was essentially a dummy snap). I had applied for classic confinement for the snap, but it looks like it’s ineligible for classic confinement (which would have allowed it to work like the new MPR package).

The snap has now been replaced with an MPR package.

Alright, thanks for the explanation. Does this mean then, that there will NEVER be a snap package for Gamebuntu? Or what should the Snapcrafters (or Canonical) fix about snapd to allow these type of applications?

Additionally, i’m taking this chance on requesting an inclusion for Gamebuntu: ReplaySorcery (https://github.com/matanui159/ReplaySorcery).

-Could it be added? Many ask me about an instant replay gaming solution for Linux, and currently (also) ReplaySorcery’s installation is cumbersome for a casual user (as it should be couple of clicks…). It’s also open source.

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