Where is the PPA?

This is killing me… no matter how much I search for various strings that would, I think, point me to a PPA to get the latest version of Unity (I currently am on a quite old version now on Ubuntu 22.04), the returns always say “the packages from the ppa” or “I installed from the PPA” but there is no link to the actual PPA. Packages.ubuntu.com does not have any referent either for the Unity package or ubuntu-unity-desktop to point elsewhere and the universe repo only has version 0.4 for u-u-d.

This is what I currently have installed from a while back when I first discovered this was being developed again:

$ apt-cache policy unity
Installed: 7.6.0+22.04.20220601.1-0ubuntu1
Candidate: 7.6.0+22.04.20220601.1-0ubuntu1
Version table:
*** 7.6.0+22.04.20220601.1-0ubuntu1 500
500 repo.unityx.org / main testing / main amd64 Packages
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
7.5.1+22.04.20211026.2-0ubuntu1 500
500 archive. ubuntu. com / ubuntu jammy/universe amd64 Packages

(Had to munge the links due to “new user” constraints on links in posts)

So where can I get current, updated Unity for me 22.04 desktop machine?

Personally, I’d rather have this from a PPA or other repo that keeps Ubuntu 22.04 updated with the latest version, rather than having to figure out the dependency chain to update it from something like the Mantic archive.

I see this for 22.10:

You could upgrade to 23.04 lunar & Unity 7.7 (7.7.0+23.04.20230222.2-0ubuntu2) but not sure it is really any different or just another build.

And this PPA:
does not have any 23.04 content.

I was not able to compile UnityX from source & was not able to find any PPA for it…