Where to translate?

My way of contributing is translating.
But I couldn’t find any piece of information about this on this forum nor on the web site.
On the GitLab I saw some references of Launchpad. Is everything available there?
Could we have a list of components to translate?

Hey Quenti,

Unity development has been moved to Gitlab, you can go ahead and translate there (I think that’s where you translate, though I’m not sure). I think the Unity interface has been fully translated (mainly before its death), however, I know that the website isn’t translated to languages other than english and there are some rough edges when it comes to certain parts of the Ubuntu Unity distribution (though I haven’t experienced any major issues).

Enjoy contributing :slight_smile:, everything helps.

Thanks for the reply. It may be worth adding these information somewhere on the web site. I am sure others want to contribute by translating.
I created this merge request: Update translation for Occitan (!1) · Merge requests · Ubuntu Unity / Unity7 / Unity Control Center · GitLab
Will see if it gets merged.

Hello you all!
No news for my merge request.
Would it be a good idea to setup a weblate instance to help people translate Unity?

I am starting to be worried as the release in this month and my merge request has had no attention. And I am supposed to make several other merge requests

This has happened to me as well; every time I submit something on GitLab I get no attention. I think you can also help translating new stuff that will be used in Ubuntu Unity with the Ubuntu translating team, now that Ubuntu Unity is now an official flavor (yay!), however, I don’t really know about stuff like the website, Unity documentation, etc. You could try to do it by yourself, but I don’t know about that.

Well, it doesn’t make me willing to contribute if I don’t get attention =/
Is there someone to ping?


Another try to get some attention

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Hello and happy new year!
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